Welcome to AlbopictusExpression.org!

AlbopictusExpression is a resource for Aedes albopictus transcriptome sequence datasets from the Armbruster Lab at Georgetown University. These datasets were generated with the ultimate goal of identifying transcriptional components of photoperiodic diapause in Ae. albopictus. We hope that they will be useful for researchers from other fields, as well. Currently, we have made raw reads, our initial contig assembly, as well as processed ESTs available for download (see "Information" for a full description on how the data were generated). A blast search engine is also provided for users who want to query our dataset for individual sequences.

This website is hosted by the Elsik lab at the University of Missouri. The project is performed by the Armbruster lab in collaboration with Chris Elsik, and David Denlinger at the Ohio State University.